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IronX Rust Remover (34oz)

IronX Rust Remover (34oz)

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As demonstrated by YouTuber, Everyday Chris, this is a safe way to remove any small rust particles on the surface of the stainless steel finish of your Cybertruck. No buffing needed, which prevents any unnecessary scratches to the finish. Simply spray on, wait for the chemical reaction to take place and melt away any rust, then rinse off with water.

Item Form: Liquid
Scent: Lemon
Specific Uses For Product: wheel , gloss paint, clear coat finishes, polished metal, chrome ,glass
Item Volume: 34 Fluid Ounces

MORE POWER WITH NEW LEMON SCENT: IronX Lemon Scent is a completely new formula that is 10% more potent. Removes iron particles and prevents the spread of iron-related damage while helping to protect your vehicle from paint system failure.
PROTECT AND DECONTAMINATE: Acid free and pH neutral. IronX neutralizes the reactions that cause rust and paint failure from hot brake dust and other airborne chemical compounds containing iron.
SAFE FOR ALL SURFACES: Safely breaks down ferrous metallic contamination on any type of wheel types, gloss paint, clear coat finishes, polished metal, chrome, and glass.
PREFERRED AND USED BY PROFESSIONALS: Advance formula to protect and prolong coating/painting. The CARPRO IronX is widely used by professionals and car enthusiasts around the world

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