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Hooks for MOLLE Panels & Vault Cargo Divider

Hooks for MOLLE Panels & Vault Cargo Divider

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Product Features

  • šŸ›ļø Grocery Bag Stability : Securely holds grocery bags, preventing spills and keeping items organized while driving.
  • šŸš— Cybertruck Fit: Tailored for Tesla Cybertruck's MOLLE panels and Vault Cargo Divider
  • šŸ‹ļøā€ā™‚ļø 20 lbs Capacity: Each hook holds up to 20 lbs, suitable for heavy bags and equipment, ensuring stability on rough roads.
  • šŸ–¤ Elegant Black Design: With a satin finish, these black hooks complement Tesla's MOLLE panels and Vault Cargo Divider, adding style and functionality.
  • šŸŒæ Lasting Plastic Build: Made of durable plastic, these hooks resist UV and wear for long-lasting use and maintain their aesthetic quality.
  • šŸ”Ø Simple Setup: Easy to install without tools, these hooks quickly attach in the MOLLE holes.
  • āš ļø NOTICE: This product requires Tesla's MOLLE panels or Vault Cargo Divider. Those are sold separately and your Cybertruck will not come with them unless you buy them separately from Tesla. This product does NOT work on the L tracks that come with the Cybertruck.

This product is patent pending.

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