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Clear PPF Kit For B Pillars & Side View Mirrors

Clear PPF Kit For B Pillars & Side View Mirrors

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Type: Clear Glossy Film
Material: TPU
Type: PPF
This product takes a long time to install, we recommend having a professional Car Wrapper installed,It's also operable if you have good hands-on skill.

Designed to protect automotive paint on engine., bumpers and trunk or side skirts.
8.5mil Clear Gloss TPU Material
5 Year outdoor durability.
Wet application is required when installing.
Professional Installation is recommended for best results.
Uninstalling will not damage your vehicle's paint.
Our kits are precisely cut to form fit your vehicle but may require some stretching to the sides to conform to the body.
Normal wear and tear is not covered under our replacement warranty.

-Perfect for car body / interior decoration. Make your car more unique and cool.

-Repair: If it has slight scratches, simply heat the sticker with a hair dryer or heat gun for longer service.

-Protect the original paint from scratches.

-Water-resistant, easy to be cleaned with water and soap.

-Removable, will not harm the car paint.

-Flexible and durable, can be stick to almost any surface like automobile roofs, trunk lids, bumpers, fenders, dashboards, door handles .

Before sticking them on, please clean the surface. 
Use a soft rubber squeegee to smooth out bubbles and wrinkles.
 After installation, do not wash the car for 24 hours.


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