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Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Regular price $2,000.00 USD
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With a touch of rose and a hint of gold, this unique metallic color blend will help your Cybertruck stand out at any meetup or cars & coffee event. Don't get lost in the parking lot!

Unlike wraps, these covers can be quickly removed, swapped for different colors and reused. Drive a different color Cybertruck each day.

Our patented cover kits consist of a color vinyl surface laminated to a flexible, high-strength magnetic core. The panels easily bond to the Cybertruck's steel body. Our optional Edge-Lock system can be added to further secure the covers in place at high speeds while smoothing out any sharp Cybertruck steel edges.

To protect only a part of your truck against scuffs and scratches, order a few panels to cover only the areas of your truck’s body that endure the most wear, rather than covering an entire vehicle.

PATENT PENDING (63/639,526)

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