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Seat Covers (Black & White)

Seat Covers (Black & White)

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Complete Protection: These seat covers provide full coverage for your Cybertruck seats, protecting not just the seating surface but also the sides, back, and headrests. This coverage shields your seats from daily wear and tear, spills, stains, which can cause fading. By protecting the seats from such damage, you can keep your interior looking newer for longer.

Airbag Compatible:  Designed with safety considerations in mind, these will not affect airbag functionality. Airbags can deploy correctly in the event of a collision. Additionally, they often incorporate anti-slip backing materials or securing mechanisms to prevent them from shifting during driving, which could otherwise interfere with safe vehicle operation.

Seat Cooling & Heating Compatible: These seat covers have a perforated fabric so your heated and ventilated seats will still function effectively.

Matching Design: Our seat covers feature a black and white color scheme matching the same colors of the Foundation Series Cybertruck. Additionally, the polygonal fabric pattern matches the sleek lines of the Cybertruck, adding a touch of geometric elegance.

Perfect Fit:  The precise tailoring ensures a seamless fit and a full-wrap design, providing comprehensive coverage and maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the Cybertruck interior.

Easy Installation: The installation process typically requires no special tools and can be completed in a matter of minutes. The user-friendly design means you can effortlessly swap out or remove the cushions whenever necessary, offering flexibility and convenience.

Includes: Set of 4 seat covers (front & rear)

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