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Front License Plate Bracket

Front License Plate Bracket

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This removable front license plate bracket can be installed and completely removed in seconds. The clean, minimal design blends perfectly with the Cybertruck front end when installed and leaves no unsightly hardware behind when removed. Made in the USA.


  • Remove your plate for car shows
  • Install to avoid tickets while parked at a meter
  • Remove to clean your car at home or at a car wash
  • Install for toll-by-plate roads and bridges
  • Deter theft with torx security screws on the plate and mount
  • Install a temporary plate to support your favorite team on game day

Easy Installation and Removal in Seconds:

To install:

  1. Push the OPEN button to rotate the latches open
  2. Line it up with the center of the grille
  3. Plug it in
  4. Push the CLOSE button to rotate the latches closed (internal magnets keep it closed)
  5. Done
  6. Optionally, if you want additional security, use the included screwdriver to tighten the black security screw on the right side

To remove:

  1. Loosen the security screw, if you're using it
  2. Push the OPEN button to open the latches
  3. Unplug
  4. Nothing left behind
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