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Windshield Sun Shade

Windshield Sun Shade

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With one of the largest windshields ever put on on a consumer vehicle, your Cybertruck is going to get really hot in the sun. Sure, your vehicle can keep cabin temperatures down automatically, but why reduce your range in the process? Save your battery from unnecessary drain by minimizing solar heat while parked using this innovative sun shade.

Heat & UV Protection: This windshield sun shade for the Cybertruck is designed with a thickened titanium silver coating, which has powerful shading and thermal insulation functions, blocking and reflecting 99% of UV rays, preventing the interior of the car from cracking, fading or aging due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and creating a cool and comfortable driving environment.

Glass Fiber Umbrella Frame: This front windshield features a strong umbrella framework made of a durable fiberglass skeleton and stable support to ensure the durability of this sun heat shield. Framework can be bent 90 degrees without breaking and is light weight.

360° Degree Folding: This sun shade can be opened quickly, and it is easy to install under the huge Cybertruck windshield without tools or suction cups. It features a "memory steel ring", which can be twisted and folded 360°, can be conveniently stored in a storage bag when not in use, and placed in the door storage box or storage box to keep it free of dust and dirt.

Full Windshield Coverage: This windshield shade is 70 inches long at the top, 53 inches long at the bottom, and 53 inches high, providing complete sunlight and privacy protection for your Cybertruck's front windshield. This parasol has a quick spring action that helps open and fold easily, and can be carried in a convenient parasol organizer bag, specially designed for the Cybertruck.

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